Welcome ladies and gents to my little slice of heaven on this hell known as the internet. My name is Angel and I am the host of this here blog.

 First things first, the blog is dedicated to my love of literature, whether that be my own writing or published works I have run across. While I have a wide variety of tastes, I tend to gravitate towards those hot little reads that get the motor going. To frank, I like it dirty. Give me the taboo, the scandalous, the literature you can’t read in public because either your telltale blush will give it away or you need to fix your panties. 

I do have my limits, however. While the dirtier the better, there are certain fetishes I cannot abide by. Anything illegal is definitely a no-no. That includes but is not limited to bestiality, true incest, and especially pedophilia. Personal tastes wise, I cannot abide by any play involving but not limited to bodily waste, gore/mutilation, or sincere rape. That isn’t to say I am not into BDSM and rape play, however.


At my core, I am a feminist who is thinks sex is something that should be enjoyed by all parties. I am not saying love needs to be involved, but consent, yes.


  I do take reviews, but be prepared to handle the truth. I don’t sugarcoat things and I will let you know just how horrible or fantastic I think your work is. If you want a review, shoot my an email below or email me at: angel.rhodes25@gmail.com