Harlot (Bartered Hearts #2)_ Victoria Dahl


After two years of work in the gold fields of California, Caleb Hightower has come home to marry his childhood sweetheart, Jessica Willoughby. But when he returns, Caleb learns his refined bride-to-be is now a whore. Enraged by her betrayal, he can’t reconcile this shameless woman with the sweet innocent he once deeply loved–but Caleb knows what to do with a harlot. He’s determined to get everything from her that she’s sold to other men. And he’s prepared to pay for the pleasure of his revenge.

Left penniless after her father’s death, Jess made a deal with a devil. Now she must face her childhood sweetheart, whose scorn is no match for her regret. To make amends, she’ll let Caleb quench his rage with her body. Their bargain strips them down to searing passion and naked vulnerability, and Jess can still glimpse her loving Caleb buried deep inside this rough cowboy. In the end, an unbearable truth emerges that could push them toward forgiveness…or could destroy their fragile bond forever.

Well thank you, Ms Dahl for writing the stupidest plot ever. See the synopsis above, dear reader? That is exactly what you get. A poor little white boy who gets his feelings hurt because he wasn’t the first to stick his dick in the woman he idolized. Even if I didn’t expect more depth from this novel, I at least expected some some raunchy sex scenes.

I was given neither. Not only is the story page after page about Jessica crying about her miserable life while Caleb rages about how she “betrayed” him because she didn’t give him her virginity. Give me a freakin break. She doesn’t owe you anything, asshole.

Even when Jessica finally gets the balls to tell Caleb that he is a sexist hypocritical dick, and he AGREES, he still is butt hurt and is stuck on her “betraying him.” Uh, dude, you just told her that you didn’t have a right to be mad at her…and yet she still “betrayed” you? Ugh…men.

This could all be forgivable if the sex made up for it. But it didn’t. Each sexual encounter was over before it began which Jessica not believing sex could be so good and Caleb just being angry as he has revenge sex with her.

I wish the book could have been half as good as the synopsis.


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